Strength Within

Pride Throughout


Contact Instructor: Alana Suhs


Classes are offered starting in  April.

Mon. 7P.M.

Wed. 6P.M.

Please confirm and reserve your space for ALL sessions. Space is limited.

If you choose the 1 session per week (4 sessions per Month) you MUST confirm and R.S.V.P. which day you choose

prices are below

What to expect AND Bring with you:

Fit Barre is a fun, upbeat class that includes all the essentials for a well rounded workout.Combining postures inspired by ballet,Yoga,and Pilates,This low impact workout will tone,lift  and lengthen your body.The Barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training. We will do a series of standing, Mat work @ strength training. No experience needed!
What to wear-

Yoga type clothing and can practice barefoot or with grippe socks.

What to Bring-

*"Water"  There is a water fountain in gym

*Yoga Mat

*2    5LB. weights "If you have them"

I will have some 2 LB. weights and mats available.

Please remember to contact myself  Alana Suhs  to confirm and R.S.V.P. your classes.

Alana Suhs


Prices are as follows:

$30 for 1 session a week " You must R.S.V.P. Mon. OR  Wed." (4 sessions per Month)   SPACE IS LIMITED

$60 Mon. AND  Wed. (8 sessions per Month)